VAG Models 1992 – 2000

VAG Models up to 2000

Application note SuperVAG KEY
Precoding of transpoder and learning key

Required equipment:
· SuperVAG KEY 2019.2 version or higher
· Transponder TP5

· VW, Audi, Skoda, SEAT – models 1992 – 2000

In these cars, the transponder tranponder TP5 or similar is used.

1. Find out the PIN.
In the programm SuperVAG KEY select the appropriate model and set the communication by clicking on Learning key. Wait until the programm detects the control unit types.
2. Click on the button Read PIN.
3. Insert a new transponder into cutted key .
4. Learning keys to the car
Insert new transponder to the cutted key learn it to the car using function Key learning in SuperVAG diagnostic tools – KEY program.
Note: All keys must be coded once by the procedure. If the customer does not have all keys with him, don’t learn the keys, otherwise the other keys won’t work anymore (become forgotten).  

Remote control learning:
Learning of remote control without diagnose